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Clinical Research

Advanced Research /Pioneer Clinical Research 

Pioneer Clinical Research goals are quite simple, to provide excellent quality medical care to our patients and conduct medical research via the standards of "Good Clinical Practices".  All of our staff/physicians are certified in Good Clinical Practices and Certified by the National Institute of Health (NIH) in "Protecting Human Research Participants.  Our staff and physicians have training and knowledge of HIPPA regulations, OSHA, IATA, FDA rules and regulation including Federal and State Regulations, and the Declaration of Helsinki/Belmont report.  All our staff are trained to implemented and coordinated all aspects of research and data collection as per ICH/GCP guidelines, study protocols specifications and our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's).


We are true advocates of "addressing the patients medical concerns first" and our team of experienced physicians believe in working together in their area of expertise with all of our patients to maintain and improve their health status, as well as, conduct excellent clinical research trials in the advancement of our ever evolving field of medical with the development of new medication and devices to be proven to be effective and safe in the treatment of various medical conditions.  Our physicians provide comprehensive health care services to our patients and advocate patient education and advise lifestyle change to facilitate further improvement to their health.